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Without a Doubt

You waltzed into my space,
or should I say, stumbled?
My heart flipped a beat,
or should I say, tumbled?
You were everything good
in my mystery world.
So kindhearted and humble.
My childhood dreams
began to come true!
We were secured together
like a swab of super-glue.
A gusty and fierce wind
came rushing in,
and the wind's breath 
blew you right over!
When I rushed to your side
to rescue you, aah!
To lift you upright--
You shook your head, "no,"
and out went the lights.
Darkness covered up the day,
and I could see no more.
You disappeared into a maze
of ready sows
and randy boars.
And, it was then
that I knew
without a doubt,
that it was finally done,
and you were never coming back.
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