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Where the Heart Is

When the light is shining
on your parade,
and the smiling grabs you
on any old day,
you know that's 
where the heart is.

When you don't have to think twice
about lending a hand
or giving your last dollar
to a needy woman or man,
you know that's 
where the heart is.

Don't lose sight of your kindness.
A shattered heart is the most 
difficult to get over.
Like a tear that falls 
in a pool of despair,
the heart can drown 

and never recover.
There will be no coming back-
no retracing one's steps.
The line has been cast 
to the bottomless depths.
So when the light is shining

and all is in love,
and the smiling grabs you
from high and above,
take flight and soar, 
and don't look back!

Go for the passion,
and live your dreams 
with the one you hold tight!
Keep the flame burning
and glowing bright!
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