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Warning Signs

What was it like,
you want to know?
They tore down the statues.
Most of the books had to go.
We forgot what we looked like.
We wore masks all the time.
It was as if Halloween Eve 
took a notion, and broke through the line.

Two years slipped by,
and the sleepers kept napping.
A few jumped off of buildings,
and others took up rapping.
Those who were clueless
no matter what proof
presented itself,
considered it a spoof.

Every once in a while,
I'd go stand on my deck
and listen for the trumpet,
but all I heard were jets.
Hundreds and hundreds
of fast-moving planes.
I snapped a few photos.
Chemtrails plentiful and in range.

The media polarized.
One week they were up.
Pretty soon they nose-dived
and crashed with tails-up.
The clowns in the big house
kept rewriting the scripts.
A tsunami rushed in,
and we lost sight of the ships.

Our faith in God and our country 
remained patiently strong.
The fighters outnumbered
the beach blondes in their thongs.
By the grace and mercy
of the One who's in charge,
history continued to move 
and repeat itself at large.


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