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True Love

Some say it was written 
in stone.
Others say it was written 
in the heart.
Either way, the words were 
etched with love.
She did.  He did.  It was done.

No eraser could touch it. 
No knife could slice through 
No hammer could break it.
They were forever soulmates.

Everything they believed in 
connected like two 
telephone poles
sharing the same wire,
and the reception 
was crystal clear.

Their love for each other 
was intense,
and nothing could distract 
from it.
It was the reason they 
woke up every morning 
and the first thing 
they thought of

before they closed their 
eyes at night.
With every beat of 
their hearts,
the love they shared 
for one another
grew by leaps and bounds.

It couldn't be wrapped 
in bank straps
of hundreds and hundreds 
of dollar bills,
nor could it be written 
in the form of a check.
Theirs was a pure love 
and the only love 
they knew.
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