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To Truly Forgive

To truly forgive
is to forget.
Stitch up the wounded heart,
and pluck out the loose threads.
Erase the painful hurting,
and remember only the 
That's what forgiveness
is all about.

Pain comes easy.
People can be mean.
Words can stab you
like an evil dagger.
The injury is all too real.
To truly forgive,
one must completely forget.
Easier said than done.

Life is too short
to dwell on the negative.
Happiness is a choice.
A state of mind.
No room for grudges,
for revenge, for payback.
Forgive and forget.

To truly forgive
is to forget.
Remember no more.
Block out the discomfort
that devours the soul
and destroys
all inner peace.

Forget the bad,
and remember the good.
Remove the dust
cluttering up the mind.
Wipe it clean
with a cloth
of forgiveness,
and let the sun shine in.
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