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The Curtain Falls

I quickly stepped out of the shower
and bent over to dry my feet.
I immediately felt a strange sensation
between my backside, and it was then
that I realized I had somehow managed
to trap the shower curtain between my buttocks.

As I stood up to release the curtain
from its securely fastened place
within my crack, the pull of my body
brought both the shower curtain
and the rod crashing down upon my head.
The force of the blow was enough

to create a whirlwind of stars
which encircled my entire body.
I think I may have had a slight concussion.
After several minutes had passed,
I succeeded in not only dislodging the curtain
but also in putting everything back

in its proper position.  The stars faded away.
Normally, I would report such an incident
to my doctor, but for the obvious reasons,
I decided not to.  What did I learn from this?
Life isn't always what it's "cracked" 
up to be.
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