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The Cemetery

I was certain I had buried it

long, long ago.

Yet, low and behold,

there it was–

digging its way

up and out of

that deep, dark hole.

The mud and dirt

on its boney fingers

were fresh and new.

Perplexed and confused,

I hadn’t a clue

what I should do!

This was not

supposed to happen again.

You see, I had already

boxed it securely within.

I had even asked Him

to deliver me from the

bitterness of this evil sin.

Yet here it was,

digging its claws

straight up through

the tightly packed soil!

So many options

screaming my name.

I had to hold on

lest I should fall

and become crippled or lame.

A peaceful calm

settled in the air.

I took a deep breath

and sat in an

invisible chair.

Silencing myself

and focusing on Him,

I heard His voice

while the angels

sang glorious hymns.

My unstable heart

began to slow down

at the sound of

His mighty command.

I watched as the hole

swallowed up the

wretched, evil hand.

Birds pecked and packed

the loose ground

where the fingers

had dug and clawed.

The wicked deed disappeared

way down deep

where it belonged.

I have seen the glory

of the One who cares.

I have felt His presence


This is one reason

why I love to pray.

He is the One who

chases my fears away.

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