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The Bubblegum Proposal

He gave me a ring
from a bubblegum machine
and asked me to be his bubble.
Sounded like a whole lot of trouble
to be somebody's bubble.

I had never been popped.
I had always stopped,
and I wasn't going to start now.
I refused the ring.
Said it wasn't my thing.

He got all upset,
and he started to fret,
but it couldn't be helped.
I wanted to be free
and remain an independent me.

There was no room in my life
to be somebody's wife.
I tried to explain
without inflicting any pain,
but he didn't understand.

I guess that's being a man.
Bottom line is no bubble for me.
I'm airtight, and I'm free.
Being somebody's bubble
seems like nothing but trouble.

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