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The Break of Day

The sun rises
like a goldfish
slowly drifting 
up to the top

of his fishbowl
in search of food.
Darkness slips away
like a ship far

out on the horizon,
sailing behind 
the fluffy, white clouds.
Within minutes,

daylight has spoken,
and all of nature
is attentive
to her calling.

The flowers stretch
their petals upwards
towards the sun,
yawning with delight

as they soak
in her warmth.
The trees reach
out to touch her

and caress her
with their stately arms.
I reach for
my morning coffee

as I lounge 
in my easy chair
marveling at
the beauty 

of it all.
This is the day
the Lord
hath made.

And I praise God
that he thought
me up, 
and made me 
who I am.

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