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Searching for Reality

Searching for reality,
I find my immaturity
brings on my insecurity,
and I guess it shows...
Life becomes so complicated.
Some people get inebriated;
others get high and feel elated.
They say their minds grow...
Mentality is so complex.
I sense that I might be the next
to lose my soul, and that reflects
my philosophy.
For when I was young,
my mama taught
that doing wrong
would bring me naught,
but tears with pain--
and then I thought:
Rationalize Son!
Set your mind free!
Reading books on love and strife,
I chanced upon The Book of Life,
and once again, the truth of life
surrounded me.
So again I sit and wonder why
I thought I had to simplify
the basic truth that meets the eye--
the One that shouts the newborn cry
and lets the little sparrow fly.
The One who came
to earth to die
for you and me.
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