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Let’s Take a Walk In and Out of the South

The year 2020 has been a blinking, red light. This is the time you honestly have to pinch yourself to test the spirits. I swear-I can smell the dank, evil which is densely packed throughout the air. It is now mandatory to wear masks (face coverings) in public, in your homes, even in your cars. But while working out in a gym?? This is insane and unacceptable. The state’s governor who executed the mask mandate has freaked totally out. The VP betrayed the President. He was one of the moles. The only man who worked for the people to better their lives, to help them and raise their living standards was slammed at every turn. All because of greed, power, and wickedness of the worst kind. Innocent babies were slaughtered after being tortured, then sacrificed to create a drug made from their terror which would grant them a youthful appearance. Laws were passed so this evil could continue after an election was stolen and lies were told that were forced to be accepted. The alternative is too gruesome to tell here.

God sits on the throne. He has given too many opportunities for repentance and forgiveness, I feel. Murdering babies straight out of their mother’s womb is an evil that deserves a burning flame that has no end. On and on it goes. I believe Almighty God is going to start moving mountains, lifting waves out of the oceans, splitting lands into pieces so that nations are swallowed, and who knows what else? Jezebel must be stopped. Speak the good word. Time is running out. This is the season of the last harvest. If you go in, you may not come out. May you follow the path that leads to righteousness. God have mercy on your soul.

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