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It’s Your Time

I love older people, grandmothers and grandpas, elderly ladies who need help crossing those busy streets, and those one-in-a-million, jolly widows living in your neighborhood who are so uplifting all the time! How do they do it?

I recently have been thinking back on my younger, carefree days, and again now that I’ve added some years to my life (and some wrinkles, too.) I wish I had been more generous spending time with my older family members.

I realize the meaning of that famous slogan, “Give back as you have received.” It almost sounds like it came from Scripture. Maybe it did.

I can’t help but get caught up in today’s global events. These are not isolated occurrences anymore. These are GLOBAL events happening every minute of every day. Fear keeps the public on edge as they watch for the next disaster to hit. You see, we don’t hear encouraging words, motivating cheers to move us forward. We get put in isolation. We get free money from the government which we think is terrific! Until we realize what strings are attached to these free handouts. It’s Fright-dare on Elm Street all over again. Yet this happens whether your eyes are shut or open. The ones in charge have no blood. It’s difficult for them to understand it.

It’s common knowledge, or let me say for the record, it’s scientifically proven with documented testimonies and actual ongoing cases where the victims were coerced with fear and terroristic threats, that we are part of an evil experiment in which we are being used in a bioweapon/genocide/severe illness after vaxx applied, so that this secret cult can depopulate those it considers “undesirable,” and so they can rule the world with us as either exterminated or slave-worthy. Certainly other agendas are being performed such as sex-trafficking and experimenting on humans and animals together. I saw a photo of a little child, maybe 5 or 6, with a face that had both human and pig features. These were confirmed to be legitimate. If they would do something so vile to an innocent child, why would you listen to and follow their mandates? Who are you waiting for to come and rescue you?

Nobody’s coming. Too many things haven’t happened yet according to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. No one knows the day or hour when HE will come. He died for YOU on the rugged cross, spilled His blood for your salvation, to conquer death once and forever! Fear Not! He will help us. But don’t you think He’d like to see a little Cheerleading? A little help from His fans?

I love America, and she will not falter under the corruption of a few goofballs–at least not as long as I’m still here.

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