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It’s Your Time

I love older people, grandmothers and grandpas, elderly ladies who need help crossing busy streets, and those one-in-a-million, jolly widows living in my neighborhood who are so uplifting all the time! How do they do it? It shames me to recall all the times my selfishness has prevented me from thinking of others. I wish I had been more generous with my time.

I can’t help but get caught up in today’s global events. These are not isolated occurrences. These are worldwide events. Fear keeps the public on edge as they watch for the next disaster to hit. You see, we don’t hear enough encouraging words or motivating cheers to move us forward. Instead, we get put in isolation. The government believes it can buy our cooperation by throwing us food stamps, free room and board, and we think that is terrific until we realize that there are strings attached. It’s Nightmare on Elm Street all over again. This happens whether your eyes are open or closed. The ones in charge have no blood flowing in their veins. It’s impossible for them to understand.

It’s common knowledge, or let me say for the record, it’s scientifically proven with documented testimonies and actual cases where the victims are coerced with fear. We are part of an evil experiment in which we are being used so that this secret death cult can depopulate the “undesirables.” They want to rule the world, and extermination by genocide is their drug of choice. We find ourselves living in a world of mad scientists who see us as guinea pigs to achieve their goals. Sex-trafficking, drug cartels, satanic rituals, and other wicked behavior runs rampant. I saw a photo of a little child, maybe 5 or 6, with a face that was part human and part pig. Why would anyone listen to and follow the mandates of lunatics who have no regard for human life?

I love America and my freedom to choose. I love having purpose and meaning in my life. I will not stand down while a few power-hungry control freaks try to take that from me. I will not be silent. This is God’s country, and I am His child. I am grateful to my Creator, and I answer only to Him. What about you? Is it your time to defend your lives and your freedoms?

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