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It Came Back With a Vengeance

It came back with a vengeance.
They thought they had gotten it all,
but additional tests proved otherwise.
Now the doctors were talking about
removing his palate, his tonsils,
and maybe, even extracting some teeth
so they could insert a voice box.

My heart sank with the news
of my dear friend's prognosis.
I tried to cheer him up,
but his spirit was sinking rapidly
like a rock thrown into the creek,
and I couldn't bring him back.
I wouldn't give up, though.

Prayers from friends and family
were plentiful and intense.
His house was being transformed
into a handicap-accessible structure.
He was writing his will.
But I wouldn't give up,
and the prayers continued.

Then, I, personally came face-to-face
with the biggest dilemma of my life.
I was out of cigarettes,
and here I was trying to comfort
my cancer-infested friend.
I stood at the crossroads, abandoned
my matches, and moved forward.
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