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I Lost a Good Friend Today

I'm always misplacing things,
but I've never lost a good friend.
Maybe my keys or even my
reading glasses at times.
Never have I lost a dear friend
whom I was so fond of,
whom I held close to my heart.
No, never have I lost something
so meaningful as that.
Today was a real turning
point in my life.

This abrupt division literally rattled me
the way a toddler rattles a toy, 
shaking it with such gusto
that it sails off into the wild, blue yonder
and ends up in some unknown territory,
damaged beyond repair or
hidden from view as in a 
game of hide-and-seek.
(BTW, "You're It.")

Counting to ten or assembling a 
rescue party does not favor the
chances of being found.
Actually, this increases the likelihood 
of an unhappy outcome.
Consider that unfortunate egg,
Humpty Dumpty, the one
known to have fallen off a great wall
and to have broken into a thousand pieces.
Not even the Kings' men could put
him back together again!

We all wear a shell that can be
easily broken, and once
that shell is broken, who can
say if the inside has been fried
to be tied or scrambled into shambles?
The inside of most every person 
is delicate and loved
by someone.  Be kind.

Within each person lives a spirit.
This spirit, the spirit of man,
is the Lord's candle.
Keep your light shining bright!
You may have to lead someone
out of the darkness one day.
Be that candle!  Be someone's way
to a brighter day.

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