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I Am My Mother

I shudder when I think of the stupid things I said to my mother in a fit of confusion and grandiose maturity: “acting out,” we use to say. The Teenager Phase was no different than the Terrible Twos. (Only a “mother” had the right to make that statement.) Having only served as a mother in a role (as was the professions of actors and actresses performing on stage in a play), I wish I had been given a second chance. It wasn’t until a later season when I realized the value followed by reward of such an honor and a privilege to be someone’s “mama.”

When my sister, barely older than myself, asked me to meet her for lunch one day with the most serious and urgent tone in her voice, I couldn’t possibly imagine what was so important that she actually took time off her job to meet me at some out-of-the-way restaurant for a quiet meal where we would most likely be the only customers. As she poured out her heart to me with the details of her unfortunate, not-to-ever-get-over news, my emotional makeup froze. I stiffened up like a plank of wood and almost suffocated from not being able to catch my breath. I had never seen my sister in this state of sorrow and hopelessness before, and as much as I wanted to say the perfect words to heal her tender heart, I was speechless. It was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t fix it. My sister was hurting like nothing I had ever seen before, and I couldn’t stop the pain.

Something happened that day-that instant. My sister wipe away her tears, blew her nose about twenty times, and patted my hand as if to comfort me! With the kindest, sweetest, most loving expression in her beautiful eyes and covering her angelic face, she assured me this was the best possible thing that could happen, and God was so very good and wise, and He should be because He was controlling everything, He loved us, and He would make all old things new. That’s when I understood what the words “restoration” and “redemption” meant. You might as well add “revelation” to those words because it seems I immediately had a “revelation” right at that moment, too.

I couldn’t help but be influenced by my sister throughout my life. She was so good when it was nearly impossible to behave like that. You would practically have to be a saint to live the life my sister did. I have known people that would go in the opposite direction and let the bitter tares take them over until they were strangled, and you could hear them barely gasping (in a foggy utter), “I can’t breathe…”, and you had to rebuke the chanting from the troublemakers in the crowd. Some people believe in this kind of voodoo. I don’t like to watch horror shows, read evil books, or open any windows to anything bad I would not want to enter.

I cannot imagine anything more wonderful than being a mother! These young girls who think they’re not ready to settle down, get pregnant and raise babies, cook meals, and all the duties which accompany being a wife (and a great one!), need your prayers. I’m not kidding! I don’t know how much time we have left here before the End Times hits, but that’s okay, because we have been told since Day 1 to be ready! Do you realize how long ago that was!?! I realize this crazy “Doom and Gloom” cycle we’re in right now is making everyone Coo-Coo, and I’m right there with them! I have a head start. My birthname is the definition of a Coo Coo. LOL!

We only get one life here before Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom on Earth, after the Horrible Tribulation featuring the infamous Antichrist, who actually believes he can win this war with the Triune God covered in the blood of Jesus, the Son of Almighty God who came all the way down from Heaven and took on the shape of man, like us, and that’s why we have Christ in us and HIS authority by HIS blood!! Imagine! Doesn’t that blow you away? When God took on the shape of us, man, HE died on the rugged CROSS shedding his BLOOD! He bled! Real blood so our sins were wiped away. We were flawless again! Think about it. What it would feel like to be without sin? You think about that.

So live your life to the fullest. Don’t give in to FEAR. That’s Satan. Negative. Doo-doo. You don’t need that. Enjoy your every moment. Feel joy. Love, and love deeply. Give, and give freely. Follow Him. In your spirit. In prayer. In The Word. God has won the war. The Bible tells us so. It’s a done-deal. Christ already did HIS part by shedding HIS blood. God made us in HIS image, and we have Christ in us–the Holy Spirit. I’m going to make my life worth something for my Lord. I want to give Him some glory, and I will figure it out along the way.

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