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Heart Hugged

A Poem for Cherie and Crumpet

A terrible thing has happened.
My dog has died.
I knew it was coming,
but I still wasn't ready for it.
Been best friends for years.
We did everything together.
Her face was the first thing
I saw each morning
when I opened my eyes.
Tongue hanging out of her mouth.
Tail wagging.  Smiling eyes.
That she was,
and she hugged my heart
with her very presence!
As the years passed by,
we created treasured memories.
She was my baby,
and I loved her with every
breath I took,
but today,
she took her last one.
I cried, and I cried, and I cried.
My friends and family tried to
comfort me with their words.
They sensed my pain,
and they shared my grief.
Such an outpouring of love!
And once again,
I was heart hugged beyond measure.
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