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Fall is kicking down the door
as summer slips away, almost unnoticed,
like a whisper floating in the wind.

A collage of colors
takes residence upon the leaves
of the trees, and the flowers

that were once dominate 
in all their glory have laid their heads
low to the ground like the

flightless ostriches of Africa
when confronted with danger.
Their times have been spent,

and their seasons have come
to an end.  Fall is rushing in
with great leaps and bounds,

and the wind blankets
Mother Earth in all directions.
The mountains seem taller

somehow, and all the more inviting,
and the sea sings her song
as her tides come barreling

onto the shore.  The days
are shorter, and the nights
are cooler now.

This is Fall,
and this is my
favorite time of the year.
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