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Words meant to scar and cripple
slipped from the serpent’s tongue
like the Pittsburgh Penguins experiencing a bad day
on slick ice.

They fell fast and furiously,
yet they couldn’t break through
the powerful barrier they confronted.
One by one, insult after insult,

they leaped forward
like toads moving from
one lily pad to another.
However, the barrier she created

was invincible, and nothing
could break through it.
Head held high and
shoulders drawn back,

she was like a giant castle
set high upon a hill
with a barricade surrounding her,
granting no entry.

No time for such nonsense.
Like a vulture,
the ugly words circled their target,
only to return to where

the snake lay in wait.
This continued for a short while
until the snake realized 
her efforts to sabotaage

were useless. With a wave
of a white rattle,
the serpent finally gave up
and slithered away.

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