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Excited and without patience,
I grabbed his saddle,
his bucket and brush,
and his worn-out bridle.

Mama's car carried me
to Stafford's.  I flew,
 expecting to see you-
anticipating roan-blue.

Jumping out of the car,
(needn't go very far),
peering over the fence, 
through the fog, quite condensed,

into tiny, wet droplets
soaking up the dew-
but all I could think about
was my joy in seeing you.

Gazing through thick trees,
through green pasture, 
and clear, blue skies,
reality quickly dimmed my eyes.

Sadly I remembered
you had already died.
I wept.  I cried.
My tears I tried to hide.

My eyes opened wide.
I dabbed my moist eyes.
It was only a dream.
Time to wake up and rise.
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