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Escape for a few moments into my poetic world of stories and riddles, if you dare! Welcome to The Ins and Outs of the South, an ongoing collection of poems written in hopes of entertaining you in some magical way.

I owe my love for poetry to my beloved mama whose passion for the poetic language touched my soul at an early age. I can recall sitting anxiously upon her soft and secured lap as she read magical words to me, and I begged her to teach me all that she could. As the years slipped by, I began writing my own words although I wrote strictly for pleasure. My intentions were never for material gain or fame, but if I could regale others for only a moment with my poetic utterances, a smile would embrace my heart.

I hesitate claim to being a poet. Let’s just say that I enjoy tinkering around with words. For those of you who fancy a good laugh, here’s your chance, one way or another! Hopefully, you will leave this site with a smile on your face because you were joyfully entertained. Happy reading, folks, and thanks for dropping by!

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