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Kicked right out of God’s Kingdom,

the Third Heaven as we know it,

this beautiful, knowledgeable, and arrogant angel

became uglier and brimmed to the gills with pride

as he performed the very first sin in the age of free will.

The sin of Pride can compare none to any other.

In fact, it is the author of the murdering spirit itself.

Remember the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis?

It’s a proven point that history repeats itself.

Lucifer has been jealous of man’s relationship with God

from day one, and he has been trying to overthrow God,

his throne, his kingdom, everything not within his reach nor reasoning

no matter what the cost. The stopwatch is ticking.

Like the tortoise, Satan is slow to give up.

Like the hare, Satan is quick to jump to the wrong conclusions

and oftens finds himself in the middle of a briar patch.

The story has a tremendously moral and glorious finale.

Good wins. Light extinguishes the darkness. God is the I am.

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