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A Pot of Gold Kind of Day

“Be sure to wear green today,”

I heard him turn to me and say.

“You don’t want to get pinched

on this Saint Patrick’s Day!”

I could easily squeeze

any five-cent old coin

until that buffalo bellowed

louder than any mega-horn.

But holiday traditions

just weren’t my style.

Blue jeans I chose to wear

with a simple, navy blouse.

The ride had purpose.

We had a pot of gold to fill.

Goodwill would get the rest,

and love would pay the bill.

We’re the kind of family

who loves to give for hugs.

We’ll even settle for a jolly, ole smile,

or a pot full of some never-ending love!

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5 comments on “A Pot of Gold Kind of Day

  1. Obong eno says:

    Beautifully written ❤️

    1. Thanks so much!

      1. Obong eno says:

        You are most welcome

    2. Thanks so much! Means a lot!

      1. Obong eno says:

        You are most welcome ❤️

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