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Looking Out the Window

The snow fell throughout the evening,
yet it wasn't expected to stick.
I was visiting my friend and his son
whom he'd recently got custody of,
and it was a happy time.

Glancing at my watch,
I bid my goodbyes,
and I headed towards the door.
A burst of cold air nearly knocked me down.
What I saw next did the trick most definitely.

The snow covered my car, the road,
and everything else outside.
We are not use to driving in snowy
conditions where I come from,
and I was in a tight spot for sure.

I did the only smart thing I could,
so I stayed put where I was
until it was safe to drive.
That didn't happen for two days.
We didn't have cellphones 

in those days, and the power 
wasn't acting dependable either.
The next morning, I happened to
pull back the curtain and
when I looked out the window,

who should I see but my boyfriend
in his car driving in front of the building?
What on earth was he doing?
He lived almost an hour away
in a nearby town.

As luck would have it,
our eyes met, he stopped, and
then he screeched off,
snow flying in clumps everywhere.
He must have been upset.

He knew about my good friend
and even where he lived.
I had nothing to hide.
Seeing my car parked there
so early in the morning

must have put all sorts
of thoughts in his head.
Shame on him.  My mama
called me later after I got home
and said he'd been looking for me.

I never heard back from him again.
I did find a Christmas present
and some mistletoe
on my front porch 
as it was that time of year.

I guess I could have called him
and explained the whole situation,
but looking back on it now,
I'm glad I didn't.  Things happen
for a good reason.

If he was going to think the worst,
that's not a good start.
It's nice that he was concerned
about me, but was he,
or was he checking on me?
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2 comments on “Looking Out the Window

  1. Jeffery Vance says:

    Very good.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. True story.

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