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The Rabbit’s Hole

One times One
once upon a time.

Enter the rabbits.
Show the rabbits in, please.
Anyone with a stopwatch
keeping track of the time?

Hare they come!
Hopping to the 
domino effect
trying to get to
the Finish Line.

See how the
hourglass empties
like wine?
Makes one think of
Alice in Wonderland's
chorus line.

Fast and slow.
Watch them go.
I wonder which one
will find 
the Rabbit's Hole?

2 comments on “The Rabbit’s Hole

  1. Michele La Morte-Shbat says:

    Wonderful, Birdie! You’re a talented poet. Sending love and big hugs!

    1. Ohh, Michele. Thank you so very much! That means the world to me coming from you. Much love to both you and Bishara. ♥️♥️

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