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  • Not here

  • Not there
  • Not anywhere
  • Not over here
  • Not over there
  • Not anywhere
  • Not here or there
  • Not anywhere
  • Nowhere
  • Better keep looking
  • Here
  • And there
  • And anywhere
  • And over here
  • And over there
  • Everywhere
  • It’s got to be HERE
  • Somewhere
        • 2 comments on “Nowhere

          1. Jeffery Vance says:

            Very good, I can relate to that.

          2. I’m happy you liked my little poem, Jeff, and I can also relate. I believe that there’s a medical name for this, but I just as soon not know, if you get my drift! LOL! Seriously though, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Means so much! 🧐🤓

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